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Changing The Nameserver of Unisonserver


Changing the name server of unisonserver

It is very easy. How do we know what is the name server for the server we have got? The reason here is that the three servers are different, the server pod is as follows


Nameserver 1: ns5.price11.com (

Nameserver 2: ns6.price11.com (

Pod101: Default nameserver pod101 unbranding name server on banding price11

Nameserver 1: ns1.unisonserver.com (

Nameserver 2: ns2.unisonserver.com (


Nameserver 1: ns1.price11.com (

Nameserver 2: ns2.price11.com (

Pod103: Default nameserver pod103 unbranding name server on banding price11

Nameserver 1: ns3.unisonserver.com (

Nameserver 2: ns4.unisonserver.com (


Nameserver 1: ns3.price11.com (

Nameserver 2: ns4.price11.com (

Pod105: Default nameserver pod105 unbranding name server on banding price11

Nameserver 1: ns5.unisonserver.com (

Nameserver 2: ns6.unisonserver.com (




To go to your domain name server, first of all, you have to know the CpanelURL of your Spanel, after that, you have to check your Spannel Cpanel URL is on which pod, according to that pod you have to change the domain nameserver of unisonserver

Unisonserver is price11 while the label server provider is no branding of any name or the company name.

How to change nameserver working of unisonserver

open a chrome browser and open google and search whatsmydns open the first result and click to whatsmydns website and enter a domain name a search and click to ns and click to search you have check goble your ns records working with server IP

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